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Tuesday - Friday (March 11-14th) - Careers

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More about Myself

Complete the following two mandatory assessments and print the results. If you use Google chrome, you can print the results page as a PDF and email it to me.

You will need to create an account with a valid email address to complete these tests.
  1. Multiple Intelligences Test (there is a handout to show you how to succeed in school with your intelligence style)
  2. Learning Style Test (there is a handout to show you how to succeed in school with your intelligence style)
Note: there are many other assessments you may choose to do, if you would like to learn more about yourself. If you finish the project early, I strongly recommend that you go back and do as many of these assessments as possible. The more you know about yourself the better!

Career Cruising Part 2

Once you are finished the two mandatory assessments, you will do two more career searches to find alternate career options using any TWO of the three methods listed below. Use any method you DID NOT already use in your first career search. You can use some of the information you gained from doing your learning style and intelligence tests to help you choose your next careers.

Remember, there are many people who live fulfilled lives, even though they are not working at their 'dream job'. Sometimes, it's good to simply keep your hobbies as your hobbies.

Complete 1 search by researching college and university programs by "program"

Complete 1 search using the "Career" tab. You may search using School Subjects or the BC focus areas.

Complete 1 search using the "career selector"

Your work is due on Friday, March 14th at the end of class.