Planning 10

Workplace Safety

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Today we did some research on workplace safety. We broke into groups to complete a short research assignment. If I gave you work last week, you are not responsible for completing this assignment. You will get this completed material.

If you were away today, and did not previously make arrangements with me, you are responsible for completing page 5 of this booklet.

Each group's portion of the booklet is due at the beginning of Tuesday's class. Results will be posted on wednesday.

Beginning on Tuesday, and for the rest of this week, we will be working on a worksafe project.


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We have been playing the game, "Cashflow" for the past several days. The objects of the game are to learn about balancing a budget, to learn about how expenses and liabilities work, to learn about the nature of investing in the stock market, to learn about how interest works, and to learn how to manage spending in the "real life" scenarios the game throws at you.

We had two winners this round who made it out of "the rat race", because they created a stream of passive income that was greater than their monthly expenses!

Next round the stakes get real, with a special prize for the winning team :D

Tuesday May 20th - Needs, Wants, Priorities

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Today, we read a story about needs, wants and priorities. then we completed a quiz to evaluate our understanding.

Then we discussed an income story and a note on paystubs. The assignment for this lesson will be given out in tomorrow's class.

Friday, May 16th

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For those of you whom I gave assignments to, there was a change of plans on Friday and we completed a different activity. Not to worry: I am extending the due date on the activity you received until Friday, May 30th (the class decided it was too difficult to complete on the spot, and wanted time to be able to track income and spending).

Here is the alternate assignment from Friday.

Tuesday May 13th - Finances

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Today we completed a pre-test on our knowledge of finance and good stewardship of financial resources.

Then, we worked through this worksheet on 'financial reality check'.

You need to complete the worksheet using a computer, and then either re-save the sheet or print it out and submit your work for a completion mark.

May 1 - 7th - Research Project and Presentation

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Your assignment is here

Here is some extra information.

Research Requirements

Students need to research facts about your chosen health issue, and you need to relate this health issue to the bible. You will be presenting your work next Wednesday, so you will need to come up with a creative way to present the material – there are a variety of options on the assignment, or you can choose any other creative presentation. If you use a website other than the ones provided, you need to get it approved. I have approved students to use books from home. I request that you bring the book in, or at least provide the name of the book and author to me ASAP.

You can use or you can use a topical search on for this part of the assignment.

Presentation Requirements

In addition to what’s on the assignment sheet, your presentation must clearly present Canadian-related facts about your topic, as well as a clear biblical connection. All members of the group must have a significant role in the presentation. I will be marking each group member.

You also need to create a question sheet, which you will hand out to students before you complete your presentations. This question sheet should be able to be answered by the class using the information in the presentations.

April 29th

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Don't forget - your emotional disorders project is due tomorrow at the end of class.

April 23rd - Emotional Disorders Project

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You will be researching an emotional disorder over the next week, and you will complete one of two projects outlined in the assignment sheet, which can be found here.

You may use webmd, mayoclinic, or NHS to complete your research. If you desire, you can also use books from home or library books - please make sure these contain good quality research. 

Books which are more than 20 years old should be fact-checked using one of the websites above. If there is conflicting information, research the author of the book/article for information on their professional standing. If in doubt, ask your teacher.

April 17th

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Today we finished the nutrition projects.

Here is the corrected Nutrition Facts sheet (the one in the McDonald's assignment is in French).

All work is Due Wednesday, April 23rd at the start of class.

Tuesday, April 15th

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Today we looked at various eating disorders.

This is the note, and this is the accompanying assignment

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