Wed, September 16th

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Today you will complete pages 11, 12 and 13 of your workbooks.

Here is some information on "The Mosquito"

Here are definitions of the words from page 13.
  1. Sound: (noun) vibrations that can be heard with the human ear, (verb) to convey an impression.
  2. Bear: (verb) - to carry, (noun) an large, furry animal
  3. Well: (adverb) in a good or satisfactory way (noun) a deep hole dug in the ground for the purpose of retrieving water.
  4. Ground (noun) - the solid surface of the earth. (verb) to prevent an airplane from flying
  5. Found: past tense of "find", (verb) to establish, begin or create
  6. Tie: (verb) to attach or fasten, (noun) a piece of string, cord, or the like used for fastening or tying something.