Literacy & Info Tech 8

Don't Forget ....!

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Don't forget to bring your English Smart books to school on Friday! I will be giving you marks for completing your review and if you had any catch-up to do, I will be marking that as well!

Final Exam

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The Lexam schedule is up on the school's website. Here is a direct link:

Literacy 8 is on Friday, January 29th at 9am. The exam will last about 1 hour. The Literacy exam is four pages long. Come prepared to write!

You are expected to be able to:
write good paragraphs using your expanded vocabulary, 
use proper grammar
use proper spelling
use proper punctuation 
write two or more paragraphs that are connected
find the main idea of a paragraph
find supporting details of a paragraph

You will also be tested on comprehension (your understanding of a piece of writing given to you, and how well you follow instructions).

Your exam will be worth 10% of your final grade.

Google Sites

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If you are doing the web designer assignment - these videos will come in handy.

I will be in the Science room during lunch, and  I am available after school for anyone who needs help with their projects.


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The following tutorials will run you through common aspects of design, as well as introduce you to what makes designs 'good' vs 'medicore'. This information applies to graphic design and web design.

I have also attached two alternate ways to view this presentation. You can view it as a PDF, and/or you can follow along on your screens with the lecture notes.

Info Tech 8 January Schedule

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Here is the schedule and final project for Info Tech 8! (also known as the "Robotics" class).

Literacy 8 - January Schedule

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I have attached a calendar for the balance of January. We will not be doing any more with Successmaker in class, but I encourage you to complete Successmaker lessons from home (just one 15 minute session per day is all it takes to see great results over time!).

If the calendar is updated for any reason, I will make a new post and delete the old calendar.

NOTE!!! On January 22nd, you MUST submit your English Smart Books!

Dec 14-15

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Monday and Tuesday this week, we will continue working in the English Smart books. We are working through pages 90-95. If you are ahead of this, keep going!

Here are some resources you can look to if you are struggling with the grammar concepts.

E.R.A.S.E. Bullying

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Today we worked on finishing pages 86-87.

We also began a class discussion on bullying. we covered past understanding of bullying, and the types of bullying.

Gerunds, Participles and Infinitives

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Today, Group 1 worked on Successmaker and Group 2 worked on Grammar. Wednesday, Group 2 will work on Successmaker and Group two will complete the Grammar lessons on page 84-85.

Gerunds and Infinitives

General Rules
Infinitives include a verb along with the word "to": 
Examples: to be, to run, to dance, to sing, to sleep

Gerunds compliment verbs in a sentence and always end in 'ing'.
Examples: he was singing, she is sleeping, they are going away, I am doing homework

Participles are verbs that have an ending - either ed, s or ing. But remember, verbs that end with ing are almost always gerunds. A gerund is therefore a type of participle verb. 

Examples: He jumped over the rainbow, she sells sea shells, they a car,

Irregular verbs
These are verbs that can't be changed into participles or gerunds.
Examples: they bought a car, he swam away, she flew into the sunset

Study Skills

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We will view this video in class to go over good study skills for tests. You can use your brain pop account to access. If you aren't using brain pop with Mr vanBreda, I can give you a login.

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