Financial Literacy

Spread sheets Final Assignment #2 - Create Budgets

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1. Copy the Budget worksheet into your Financial Literacy folder 
2. Follow The instructions to complete the assignment.

All Projects are Due Friday, June 14th.

Learning Spreadsheets

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Here is a link to the entire Excel unit (online version!).

Here is the link to help you learn the google drive website:

In total, we are completing lessons 1, 5, and lessons 8-16.
Use these lessons to get the sample files and to watch the videos.

For the week of the missions trip, if you are working ahead, try to get a feel for how google drive and spreadsheets work (the first two lessons). We will go through each lesson as a class after the mission trip. Ask the sub for the worksheets on google drive.

Spreadsheet project (TBA)
After we finish the booklets, we will learn how to use the finance functions in Google spread sheets to create a 'live' portfolio (along with some graphs and charts)
Google finance for Drive Reference sheet
Your final project will look something like this:

If you need hard copies of the material for this unit, you can print them off from these links

Portfolio Assignment

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Your portfolio assignment will be due no later than Friday, May 31st. However, next week (May 20th-24th)  will be the last week of class time given to work on the assignment.

If you finish early, you may get a head start on our next unit: spreadsheets using google docs! The readings have been posted (look under May 16th).

Here is a shot of the board to help you format your portfolios (and to make sure you have all of the proper information). You can click the image to make it larger.

Due Monday

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The Brokerage assignment is due Monday. After this, it will be considered late and you may lose marks.

Due immediately (Wednesday at the LATEST)

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#1 - The "10 Commandments" of investing
#2 - Banking Assignment
#3 - TFSA Assignment

By not submitting these assignments, some of you are seriously hurting your marks. Also remember that if you miss class, it is your responsibility to get the notes and assignments you miss. Since we do not have copyright to distribute much of our course material electronically, the burden is on you to make sure you get the material!

All notes and assignments are located by my desk beside the window.

If you Miss Class, you MUST get the notes!

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For copyright reasons, I cannot release every note that we cover in class onto the internet. So, it is extremely important that you get all missed notes.

Also, many classes I will simply give you the information as a note on the whiteboard, which you are required to write down. If you miss class, make sure you get these notes from a classmate.

Today we looked at various mutual funds and answered questions based on them.
fund 1: TD Canadian Index (choose 1 canadian)
find 2: Altamira Canadian Index (choose 1 canadian)
fund 3 - Altamira international index - Choose 1 international)
fund 4 - TD Us-index
Fund 5 - TD international index (choose 1 international)

Here are the questions (print out 1 copy for each fund)

Risk Survey (Monday, April 12th)

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Go to the following Website to complete the risk survey.

You will need a valid email address in order to see your results. 

1. When you have your results, 
    a) Print them out.
    b) review your results carefully, and complete all related readings.
    b) Book a time with the teacher to go over your results in detail.

2. Be able to answer the following question: What is a value fund?

3. Looking at the suggested portfolio, calculate the percentage suggested for each of the following:
    a) Bonds
    b) Small Cap US stocks
    c) Large Cap US stocks
    d) Small cap international stocks
    e) Large cap international stocks
    f) Emerging market stocks

TFSA Account Assignment

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Your assignment today was to choose a bank, and research their offering for Tax Free Savings Accounts. Then, you were to answer the following questions:

1) How does a TFSA Work?
2) What are some of the conditions (or limitations) to using a TFSA (there are 5)
3) How can you use a TFSA to make investments?
4) What are the benefits of using a TFSA to make investments over using a regular RRSP or a taxed account?

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